Tri-Pil-Lo Inflatable Lumbar Travel Pillow

The best travel lumbar support we have seen and tested. Perfect for long distance plane travel. Three inflatable chambers allow you to customise the size to your needs. Simple and easy to inflate.

Product Description

One of our Directors is always on planes...and always in economy....and he swears by this simple little product !

If you ever recline in an economy seat on those long trips, you will know that as you recline a large gap is created between your back and the bottom of the seat. Most people will try to wedge one of those thin plane pillows behind their backs (or even a piece of clothing), but they are pretty useless as a general rule.

The Tri-Pil-Lo is a simple yet really effective solution to this problem. Three air chambers allow you to customise the amount of air support you need, and the clever design has these 3 chambers staggered, so that they create a triangle type shape to fill in that gap ! Its a great, simple lumbar support that's comfortable too.

You can also use it a footrest so your feet don't dangle if you are short in height. (letting your feet dangle pulls on the lower back causing pain and discomfort). Its also great for giving you extra support under your thighs at the front of the seat.

Features & Benefits:

  • Use 1, 2 or all 3 inflatable cells to create the perfect shape for your needs.
  • Seriously good support for your lower back during long seated travel.
  • Customizable to suit ANY sized person in ANY type of seat.
  • No More Sore Back from lack of lumbar support.
  • Stretch OUT in your seat and have awesome support from the Tri-Pil-Lo.
  • Turn your Economy/Coach seat into a comfortable recliner

How to Use:

  • Open pillow out flat.
  • Pinch the valve and blow in air to inflate.
  • There may be slight initial resistance.
  • Inflate all cells to full capacity but don't lock down valve tops yet.
  • Place behind your lumbar region.
  • Lean back, stretch out and settle in.
  • Now, reach behind and begin releasing air from each cell by pinching the valves until you reach your desired shape and size.
  • Retrieve the pillow and lock down the valve tops.
  • Replace in behind, lean back, stretch out and settle in.

Patent Protected:

  • Australian Innovation Patent # 2011101697;
  • Australian Design Registration # 337408;
  • World Patent Cooperation Treaty # PCT/AU2012/000452.


The Tri-Pi-Lo is factory tested against faulty manufacturing before dispatch. If you believe your product is faulty please contact us immediately for issue resolution within 7 days of receipt. There are no other warranties.

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Review by:
this Travel Pillow afforded me the best sleep I have ever had on a long flight (Posted on 6/07/2016)
Review by:
"A simple solution to a terrible problem I have had for years. Getting decent back support in economy seats when you are reclined." (Posted on 6/07/2016)
Review by:
This is a great pillow. I bought two of them. One for a foot rest and one for my lumbar. No sore back after waking up! (Posted on 5/07/2016)
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