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As close as you will get to Zero Gravity ! Highly unusual in design, the Gravity balans is a timeless classic; the ultimate in comfort for the mind, spirit and body from Varier in Norway.


Product Description

CUSTOM ORDER ONLY - Contact us to place Your Order - 4-6 months sea freight.

Gravity™ balans® offers you the ultimate in comfort.

This recliner provides extreme relaxation for mind, spirit and body. Probably the closest you’ll ever get to zero gravity. "It's not a chair, it's a way of life" says top Scandinavian designer Peter Opsvik.

After resting a while, we want to be active, and after being active a while, we want to rest.

This unique chair offers you a variety of sitting positions both for active sitting and relaxation. From a comfortable working position to a reclined position and a feeling of almost weightless, choose any of the four wonderful positions - working, sitting, open and resting!

Watch the Varier Gravity Balans in action:

The sloping seat allows wider space between the thigh and the upper part of the body, while the leg cushions prevent sliding forward when working at a table.

When leaning back your legs will be lifted higher than your head providing you with the best position for relaxation and well-being! You'll probably take a quick nap!


  • Four comfortable positions
  • Perfect Zero-Gravity reclining
  • Norwegian contemporary design & superb quality
  • Adjustable neck cushion
  • Choose from Step, Fame wool fabric, Dinamica polysuede or semi-analine leather
  • Choice of wood finishes
  • 73cm wide x 122cm high (at tallest position) x 135cm deep
  • Seat is 44cm from the floor in sitting position

Custom Orders for Different Fabrics, Colours & Wood Stains

Varier can supply the Move range in a range of fabrics and colours, including the following. Call us for price information:

  • Revive Fabric - Made from post-consumer recycled polyester (PET), designed to reduce environmental impact on production and natural resources
  • Umami Fabric - 90% wool, 10% nylon, hard wearing
  • Fame Wool Fabric - numerous colours 95% wool, 5% polyamid, flame retardant, abrasion resistant (200,000 Martindale), light fastness 5-7, rub resistant 4-5 (dry) 3 (wet), pilling of 3-4. Dry clean or spot clean with mild detergent only
  • Dinamica Classic Microfiber - numerous colour 88% polyester, 12% polyurethane, flame retardant, abrasion resistant (50,000 Martindale), light fastness 5, rub resistant 4-5 (dry or wet), pilling of 5. Spot clean with mild detergent only
  • Hallingdal Fabric - 70% Wool, 30% Rayon, Abrasion: 100,000 cycles, Martindale method, Flammability: This textile meets all appropriate flammability requirements for seating. Lightfastness: 40+ hours. Maintenance: S-Clean with mild, water-free dry cleaning solvent.
  • SteelCut Trio Fabric - 90% Wool, 10% Nylon,  Abrasion: 100,000 cycles, Martindale method, Flammability: This textile meets all appropriate flammability requirements for seating. Lightfastness: 40+ hours, Maintenance: Spot-Clean with mild, water-free dry cleaning solvent.
  • Elegance Semi-Analine Leather - numerous colours 100% semi-analine leather, flame retardant, tear strength 20N, thickness 1.3-1.5mm, light fastness 5, rub resistant 4 (dry or wet). Careful cleaning is required as semi-aline leather has open pores and a natural grain. It is not protected with dye or lacquer. Use a water based maintenance program.

  • Wood options are:

    • Ash Natural Lacquered 
    • Ash Black Lacquered

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Prices for this product will vary depending on the material and wood options chosen. Call us at 1800-615-666 for a detailed quotation.

Varier Materials:

They use wood from farmed sources harvested using principles of sustainability. All the ash we use comes from Europe.

Varier Respect for the environment:

Warranty Information


7 years/5 years. Variér® offers an extended 7 years guarantee on all wooden parts and 5 years on mechanical parts. Variér’s guarantee only covers manufacturing defects and does not include misuse, normal wear and tear and defects caused by exposure to sunlight. The guarantee will not apply if the customer fails to tighten screws as recommended and this results in damage to the piece of furniture.

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Variér Furniture


In 1932 Georg Stokke started manufacturing furniture on the Norwegian west coast, near the famous Geiranger fjord. He was truly innovative, and was amongst the first to employ professional Scandinavian designers. Since then, products have come and gone, and much has happened.

However, the simple idea remains the same: If humans can move in a natural way, even when sitting, the body will feel better and possibly also last longer. This is why movement and variation remain the most important thing in everything we produce. When you buy a Varier product, you choose one of the healthiest chairs available. Or – as Varier likes to call it – intelligent sitting.


Movement and variation promote and renew strength. Energy, ideas and well-being are released through variation and movement. Variér® has built its unique sitting concept on this principle. The chairs give freedom for natural movements and variation so you can concentrate on the activity in hand, be it reading, listening, eating or simply relaxing.

Form – Variér® is known for developing chairs with a distinctive style, and for using materials which destine them to become future classics. A unique combination of aesthetics, comfort and technology ensures that the chairs are both amazing to look at and amazing to sit in. Variér® has a long tradition in working with acclaimed designers. They have worked together with some of Scandinavia’s most important furniture designers. Variér® chair designs stand out internationally and many have been awarded ”the stamp of good design” by the Norwegian Design Council.

Function – Variér® is known for developing chairs which inspire you to move naturally. Natural and variable ways of sitting enhances wellbeing of body and soul. They are often asked ”what is the best position to sit in?” The answer is: “The next position is always the best “.


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You haven't lived until you've used one of these chairs. I so look forward to experiencing my Gravity Balans every chance I get. It's an old friend who allows me to completely let go and experience the subtle movements and shifts in my own body. And the way it opens up my spine is unlike anything I've experienced in another chair. 5-stars for sure! (Posted on 14/12/2016)
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