Vu Ryser Monitor Riser and Stand

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Simple and effective ergonomics. Gets your monitor to the right height to help reduce eye, neck and shoulder strain.

Product Description

The Vu Ryser monitor stand or riser, is a simple solution to a common ergonomic problem. Your eye level should be approximately at the top 1/3 of your screen, so you need to get your monitor height up to the right level !

Each stand raises your monitor in increments of 50mm providing a comfortable monitor viewing height to help reduce eye and neck strain. Modular in design, simply add more platforms to raise your monitor higher.

Many of our customers find that a monitor stand helps ease tension in their necks and shoulders.

Also use the drawers to help organize your desk space.

(please note photograph shows 2 units stacked)


  • Sturdy construction- high impact plastic
  • Capacity: Supports monitors up to 56.5 kg
  • Height: Raises in 50 mm increments
  • Platform Size: 290 mm x 290 mm
  • Has storage compartments for paper, files etc.
  • Black

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More Information:

Vu Ryte is a US company consumed with ergonomics, particularly office and computer ergonomics. Their compelling focus is monitor and document positioning. Where we place documents does make a difference.

"We believe "in-line" document positioning is the superior ergonomic methodology. What is "in-line" document positioning? It is positioning documents right in line between your monitor and keyboard."


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