Vulkan Posture Brace


A very comfortable orthopaedic posture corrector brace that assists with improving poor posture and slumping or rounded shoulders. This is one of our most popular 'back supports'.

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Product Description

Similar to the 'Essential Shoulder Brace' but with slight difference in design and now available in skin toned beige colour.

Can be easily adjusted from firm to mild support as condition improves. Wearing the shoulder brace regularly provides a constant reminder to sit, stand and walk with your back straight and shoulders back.

Suitable for adults and teenagers.


  • Beige


• Easy application.
• Bilateral shoulder straps with pads.
• Made of stretch elastic material for flexible compression.

How to Wear:

• Place arms through straps with cross over at back and position pads over shoulder (similar to our previous Oppo brand).
• Fasten strap tab around waist.

Washing Instructions:

Wash in cold water, gentle cycle and mild soap. Do not dry clean or tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not use bleach. Dry in an air current, and do not expose this brace to any heat source.

Fibre Content:

• 60% Polyester
• 20% Rubber
• 20% Nylon

Sizing Chart:

Measure around scapula under arm (see picture).
XS 46 - 61cm
S 61 - 76cm
M 76 - 91cm
L 91 - 107cm
XL 107 - 122cm
XXL 122 - 137cm
XXXL 137 - 152cm


Review by:
i like this product, works for me and is a good reminder (Posted on 5/12/2020)
Review by:
It is designed for women, they might tell you its designed for unisex, but not in my case, it does not really pull the shoulders back, not like other ones i have experienced, which were cheaper to be honest.

The quality in the piece is good, but i feel its more likely good for someone who has no posture issues that want to remain that way rather than a corrector. it is probably more of a preventer rather than a corrector.

I bought this as i had hoped it would help prevent me from slouching and help push my shoulders back and keep my up tall as a back support/ shoulder support should however this does not.

Im sitting here wearing this contraption, clearly slouching and it just does not help for me even in the slightest...

I have requested a refund on Facebook and Via email, but so far no one has even responded. however when it came to buying it and inquiring about it someone was available to help sell the product even at 9 at nite past working hours.

Once again good quality material and certainly might work on a more dainty type of frame, perhaps suited to a woman who has not yet developed any back issues as a supportive measure, but does not help me...

I once again would clearly like a refund... thanks

"In response to this feedback, our customer service team have been in touch with this gentleman on a number of occasions and discussed a number of options to help find the perfect fit.
This included encouraging him to visit our store in Hampton East to try this particular brace as well as other designs. Apparently this was not possible, so one of our Customer Service Team offered to visit his home and personally fit the customer, again the customer was not comfortable with this option. The original brace was returned to us and we sent a smaller size, and it would now appear this is also not the perfect fit." - Bad Backs (Posted on 22/03/2019)
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