WiTouch Replacement Pads (15 Pairs)

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WiTouch Pro Tens Device for Pain Management-Replacement Pads (15 Pairs)

Product Description

WiTouch Pro Tens Device for Pain Management-Replacement Pads (15 Pairs)

Warranty Information

Please Note:

This product is non returnable unless deemed faulty or damaged.


LED Indicator Guide

EventLED Colour

LED Sequence

Low battery - device



One(1) blink every two (2) seconds when the device is on

Rapid blinking during the stimulation treatment

Low battery - remote control


One (1) blink every time the START/STOP button is pressed
Device transition from OFF to ONGreenOne (1) blink every two (2) seconds
Device transition from ON to OFFNoneGreen blinking stops
Device transition from ON to START STIMULATION modeGreenRapid blinking during treatment
On remote control, press of START/STOP TREATMENT button to either START or STOP treatmentGreenOne (1) blink when START/STOP button is pressed
Device at maximum intensity and +/- button pressed on remote or deviceGreenTwo (2) blinks each time button is pressed
Remote control communication ERROR*Green/
One (1) Green, followed by two (2) Yellow blinks

Resynchronising Your Remote:

* Your WiTouch Pro device comes from the factory with a paired remote. You DO NOT have to pair the device and remote prior to use. In the rare instance the remote and device become unpaired and wireless communication between them stop, follow these steps to pair the units;

  1. Remove the batteries from the WiTouch UNIT
  2. Hold both the plus and minus buttons on the remote until it displays a solid green light
    1. If the remote does not light up, please replace the CR2032 battery
  3. Whilst looking at the remote, put the batteries back in to the WiTouch UNIT, the remote will flash five (5) times - put down the remote without pressing any more buttons
  4. Turn the UNIT on at the power button and increase intensity until you can hear/feel the electronic pulsing
    1. If you cannot turn the WiTouch UNIT on, replace the two AAA batteries
  5. Using the remote, increase/decrease the intensity. If the WiTouch UNIT does not alter the intensity with the remote start the pairing process again

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About the Product

WiTouch Pro has been created by a group of innovative designers and engineers from Australia, with commercial input from an experienced team in Tennessee, USA.

As a result of this ground breaking innovation and research,  the WiTouch Pro has been awarded the “red dot: best of the best”   2013 and the award for "Best in Category, Medical & Scientific" at Australian International Design Awards  for 2013.


''I have been using TENS with my patients for over 3 decades and believe the WiTouch Pro  provides a real step forward in improving patient compliance. By combining a back-pain specific waveform, greatly-increased electrode contact area and a unique wireless control system the WiTouch Pro is an excellent option for managing the pain associated with chronic spinal pathologies'' Dr Len Rose M.B.B.S., (FACLM) (FAMAS) Pain Management Specialist, East Melbourne VIC

"I have been using the WiTouch Pro as a treatment option for my lower back pain patients and they have not only found the device to be very effective in helping relieve their pain but have loved the comfort and convenience of the wireless design''     Melinda Klarenaar B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy), Grad.Dip. (Sports Physiotherapy), High Performance Physiotherapy, Ryde NSW

 *The WiTouch Pro has been approved for use in Australia as a Class IIa medical device by the Therapeutic Goods Adinistration (TGA)


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